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COVID-19 Precautions

Changes in COVID-19 Protocols 

We are happy to announce several changes to the COVID restrictions currently in place. Due in part to the overwhelming response to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine by residents, we will be implementing the following changes.  Social distancing and face coverings will continue to be necessary.  

Wellness Center - Effective 3/15/21

• The Fitness Center is open to all residents, staff, and Platinum Wait List Memebers.  No reservations required. Face coverings are required. To allow for adequate social distancing, some equipment is unavailable for use or has been moved so that it can be safely used by allowing for social distancing.  Please wipe down the equipment with the disinfectant provided before and after use of each piece of equipment.

• The pool is open to all residents, Platinum Wait List Members and paying staff. Face coverings must be worn except when you are in the pool and social distancing should be maintained. 

• Locker rooms are reopened to individuals, but are not available to class participants due to the space not allowing for social distancing in group settings.

Platinum Wait List Members required to register at the screening station each time they come in the building.  They will receive a name badge, which they must wear while in the building.  They are not permitted to go to other areas of the building unless they are visiting a resident in their apartment or in the Huegy Lounge.

Wellness Center members are not allowed to use the Center's facilities at this time.

Dining Room Reopening    

•Tables that accommodate up to four people are available.  In compliance with state restrictions, we are open at reduced capacity.  Again, social distancing is critical to the capacity limits.  

• Reservations Required.  We have implemented a reservation system on the Clark-Lindsey portal that allows residents to make dinner reservations – up to two weeks in advance. 

Social Gatherings

• Social gatherings among residents, other than dining, can be up to 25 people as long as social distancing can be maintained.  Face coverings are required.  


• More than one household at a time can now be transported in a Clark-Lindsey vehicle.  Trips continue to be available for medical appointments, banking, and pharmacy drive-thru pickups, with the exception of the weekly scheduled shopping circuit.  As always, face coverings are required while in the vehicle.

Indoor Visits - Effective 3/15/21

Apartment residents can host outside visitors in their apartment with the following guidance:

  • Apartment visits can occur any day of the week between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

  • Visitors must be screened using the automated screening tool in the lobby.  A name badge will be printed at the screening device. Visitors are required to wear their badge while they are in the building. 

  • The number of in-apartment visitors are limited at any one time to four people in addition to resident and, if applicable, significant other.  Children are allowed to visit (finally, a great big hug for the grandchildren!)

  • Visits may also continue to be hosted in the Huegy Lounge. Prescheduling visits through the Wellness & Activities department is no longer necessary.  All parties – residents and visitors – must wear a face covering when in any public spaces, including the Huegy Lounge and the corridor leading to a resident's apartment. Because of the limited space and that multiple visits could occur at the same time, we ask residents keep the number of visitors they host in the Huegy Lounge to a maximum of four, including resident and significant other, if applicable.

  • To minimize residents’ exposure to visitors, visits cannot be hosted in any areas other than a resident's apartment or the Huegy Lounge.  Currently, we cannot accommodate outside guests at dinner.

  • Visitors are not allowed in the building through any entrance other than the front entrance so they can be screened.  They may exit, however, through the exit closest to your apartment.

  • Residents can continue to host visitors outside.  All parties should wear a face mask and maintain social distancing when visiting outside. 

Salon Services
Salon Services may continue to be open, however, services where a face covering cannot be worn (e.g. facials, beard trims) are suspended.

More About Face Coverings and the CDC’s Guidelines

The CDC’s recently issued recommendations are based on how vaccinated people can safely visit with others.  The changes in our own guidelines outlined above can be implemented because of the overwhelming majority of residents receiving the vaccination. 

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people can:

  • Visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors (in a resident's apartment) without wearing masks or staying 6 feet apart.

  • Visit with unvaccinated people from one other household indoors (in a resident's apartment) without wearing masks or staying 6 feet apart if everyone in the other household is at low risk for severe disease.

  • Refrain from quarantine and testing if they do not have symptoms of COVID-19 after contact with someone who has COVID-19.

  • Take precautions in public like wearing a well-fitted mask and physical distancing.  (Remember, the Huegy Lounge is considered a public space.)

  • Wear masks, practice physical distancing, and adhere to other prevention measures when visiting with unvaccinated people who are at increased risk for severe COVID-19 disease or who have an unvaccinated household member who is at increased risk for severe COVID-19 disease.

  • Wear masks, maintain physical distance, and practice other prevention measures when visiting with unvaccinated people from multiple households.

  • Avoid medium- and large-sized in-person gatherings

  • Get tested if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

  • Follow CDC and health department travel requirements and recommendations.

Face masks continue to be required throughout the common spaces in Clark-Lindsey (any indoor space outside your apartment).  This requirement applies to residents, visitors and employees.  

The Clark-Lindsey grounds are also considered common space.  You should continue to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing when visiting outside. 

We continue to require residents wear a face covering when a staff member comes to their apartment (housekeeping, maintenance, technology, support services, dining services, etc.).  This is because residents don’t know if that staff member has underlying health conditions that put them at risk for COVID or whether they have been vaccinated.

For more information from the CDC on Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People, visit their website at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated-guidance.html.

What are we doing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19: 
We continue to restrict visitors to our campus.  All employees are screened prior to the start of their shift, and their temperature is being taken.  All residents in Meadowbrook and the Green House homes are having their vital signs checked approximately every 8 hours as well as their oxygen saturation level and are assessed for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  Our residents are also being asked to wear a mask (which we provided) while staff are performing personal care, or when they are out of their rooms.  We have also significantly increased our disinfecting of surfaces, rooms, common spaces and high touch areas such as telephones and doorknobs.

We need your help in battling COVID-19. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to learn how you can help prevent the spread in our community. www.cdc.gov