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Q. What is The Village at Clark-Lindsey?
A. The Village is an attractive and comfortable residential community located on 28 acres in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area. It is populated by people 62 years of age and older who enjoy the security The Village brings to their individual lifestyles.

Q. Is it a retirement home?
A. It is a community that consists of nearly 140 private apartments and a licensed health care facility, all under one roof. Residents enjoy private lives as they always have, coming and going when they choose.

Q. Who owns Clark-Lindsey?
A. It is owned by Clark-Lindsey Village, Inc., an Illinois non-profit corporation. There is no connection with any real estate firm, church, health care organization or other corporation or holding company. Since Clark-Lindsey opened in 1978, it has operated continuously. This attests not only to its financial strength and stability, but also to the ability of its management to understand and meet the needs of residents.

Q. What is the Continuing Care concept of Clark-Lindsey?
A. Continuing Care means that Clark-Lindsey will provide housing for its residents as long as they live, even as their financial and health needs change over time. Continuing Care means peace of mind.

Q. Who may apply?
A. Clark-Lindsey is open to all applicants without regard to ethnicity, religion, sex, or national origin who meet the age, and financial qualifications. Residents must be at least 62 years of age. However, married couples can qualify as long as one spouse meets the age requirement and the younger spouse is at least 55 years old.

Q. Are meals included in the monthly fee?
A. One meal is provided each day to every resident in the attractive and comfortable dining room at no additional charge. Additional meals are optional. Dining is restaurant style, and a hostess or host is available to seat residents and their guests. Residents may choose to dine alone or with friends.

Q. Is there an apartment cleaning service?
A. The Village housekeeping staff cleans each apartment once every two weeks.

Q. May I bring my car to Clark-Lindsey?
A. Any resident may have a car, and ample parking space is provided. Garages with electronic door openers are available for an additional fee.

Q. Does The Village provide transportation?
A. Scheduled transportation is provided to residents for shopping, concerts, special programs and outings. Also, local bus and taxi services offer substantial discounts to persons over age 65.

Q. Must entering residents surrender all their assets to Clark-Lindsey?
A. No. Clark-Lindsey has no interest in controlling personal assets of residents.

Q. What payments are required to reside in a Village apartment?
A. There is a one-time application fee, paid at the time of application, a residency fee, paid when you accept an apartment, and a monthly service fee.

Q. What are the advantages of a residency fee over a monthly rental plan?
A. The residency fee ensures that you will have priority access to the health center and it also provides security in case legitimate but unforeseen financial difficulties arise. Additionally, when compared to monthly rental facilities, the residency fee payment generally allows for a smaller monthly service fee. The residency fee is refundable on a pro-rated basis during the first five years of residency. In other words, if you relinquish an apartment within five years of occupancy, you or your estate will be issued a refund based on the number of months you occupied the apartment. Residents who pay a residency fee are also eligible to receive a monthly Homestead Tax Exemption Credit.

Q. When should I apply for residency?
A. It is entirely your decision. It is not unusual to have a waiting list for apartments. However, the sooner you apply, the more likely it is that the apartment you want will be available when you are ready to take up residency. Keep in mind, too, that you must be capable of meeting residency requirements in order to become a resident, regardless of how long you have been on the waiting list.

Q. What steps does the application process involve?
A. An application for residency, which includes a financial statement, is required, along with a waiting list fee of $1,500. Your name is placed on the waiting list after approval of your application, and a Prospective Resident Agreement is executed. While on the waiting list, you may defer an offer of an apartment without forfeiting your position on the list. The $1,500 is totally refundable if poor health or death prevents your moving into an apartment at The Village.

Q. Is health care available on the premises?
A. Yes. Meadowbrook Health Center at Clark-Lindsey is a distinct section of the complex, with an experienced nursing staff present at every hour of the day and night. An on-staff director guides the Center’s operations, assisted by local physicians. Village residents have priority access for admission to Meadowbrook.

Q. Do Meadowbrook Health Center’s services require extra payments?
A. Assisted living or skilled nursing care in the Health Center is provided to residents at a per diem fee, billed monthly.

Q. Does Clark-Lindsey provide health care in the Village Apartments?
A. No. However, Meadowbrook Health Center staff provides scheduled routine health service conveniences for Village residents such as periodic blood pressure screenings and annual flu shots in the Meadowbrook Health Center nurse’s office.